Resident Testimonials

"We love living at Rivermont! It is so quiet and we feel that we have received the best care while living here. Debbie (the manager) is tops! She is professional and friendly and we think the world of her."

Tom and Meg, Rivermont Apartments

"I appreciate the friendly and courteous staff who were always available to answer questions and assist us with whatever we needed. The prompt maintenance service kept the apartment a safe and comfortable place to live. I have and will recommend your company to others! Thanks again."

Richard, Waterford Place Apartments

"I lived at the Arbors at Signal Mountains since 2008, and I've always enjoyed living here. Friendly staff and the maintenance was always around to help. I will definitely miss living here and making friends with the staff."

Britnie P, The Arbors at Signal Mountain Apartments

"The staff at the office are the very best. Always respond very quickly when I have a problem. The manager takes pride in keeping the apts and the grounds looking the very best. When I had major heart surgery, they were at my door ten minutes after I got home with flowers, balloons, and cookies. That was the best medicine I could have ever asked for. The staff at Bell Hollow are my friends for like. They are always there when you need them. I would recommend anyone come and make this place their home."

Joseph, Bell Hollow Apartments

"I absolutely loved the year at the Arbors. Great people on staff. They were so easy to work with and very, very friendly. Any time I had an issue they were very prompt and accurate with getting the problem taken care of. Awesome place to live!"

Kristy, The Arbors at Signal Mountain Apartments

"It was a pleasure staying at Continental Apts in Tullahoma. It is a friendly community, including the office and maintenance staff."

Wilhelmus, Continental Apartments

"I lived in Peppertree Apartments for 6 yrs. I love it there! The office staff was great and so were the maintenance guys. If I ever needed anything fixed, it was done that day or the next morning. It is a great place to live. The reason why I am not there is because I moved out of Nashville,TN. I would recommend Peppertree Apartments to all who are looking for a great place to live."

Annie, Peppertree Apartments

"I recently moved out of Waterford Place beginning of April 2011. The staff is great, friendly, and very professional. They answered any of my concerns or questions immediately, or within a timely fashion. I really enjoyed my stay, and I would recommend them. Thanks!"

Tiara, Waterford Place Apartments

"My husband, our little baby, and I very much enjoyed our time at Rivermont Apts! The service was excellent! We had very few times when we needed any repairs, but when we did they responded extremely quick! I would highly recommend Rivermont to anyone! We looked all over Murfreesboro, price shopping, and looking, but Rivermont was the absolute best for our money!"

Laura & Keith, Rivermont Apartments

"I live in Alpine Villas, and am a yankee transplant - I have NEVER EVER received such top-notch, excellent service in my entire life. Maintenance Engineers are par excellent!"

Nancy, Alpine Villas Apartments

"Outstanding in their maintenance and grounds care - always neat and groomed. Response to problems with plumbing or whatever was usually within 12-24 hrs. Emergencies (even during the night) were taken care of promptly. Overall, we enjoyed our 2 years there very much."

Harold & Adele, Nottingham North Apartments

"I only lived there a year and a half, but it was a wonderful place to live. I felt very safe, even on the bottom floor. Whenever something needed to be fixed, it was taken care of immediately, with such kindness. I moved because of my health. I will recommend it to everyone."

Barbara, Continental Apartments

"I lived at Peppertree for 10 years and was absolutely delighted with the management and maintenance. The grounds are well maintained and clean. There are a few issues with parking and I think they could benefit by having dedicated parking for each unit. I honestly hated to leave the complex, and it's employees. I would highly recommend the complex to others seeking affordable, clean, comfortable living. I have moved on, but Peppertree was truly a "home" for many years."

Jeauquetta, Peppertree Apartments

"I lived at Peppertree Apartments for 4-1/2 years. My experience at Peppertree was wonderful and pleasant. The grounds were always nicely kept and an overall safe atmosphere. The staff was great and always polite and professional. Whenever I had any problems (which wasn't many) they were quick to react. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a safe and pleasant environment to go see the staff at Peppertree Apartments. You will not be disappointed."

Morecca, Peppertree Apartments

"Excellent community! Love the service that was provided. Fast maintenance service. Staff members are WONDERFUL! Overall - - - EXCELLENT!!!"

Tiara, Waterford Place Apartments

"I've lived there over 3 years, as long as the staff that ya'll have there now is around, so will I. Great place to live, 2 of my friends have moved there. Thanks for everything."

James, Peppertree Apartments

"My two years at Waterford Place were very pleasant and enjoyable. The staff were extremely professional and caring. It was truly positive and relaxed home environment. I will definitely consider "coming home again" someday."

Etta, Waterford Place Apartments

"We loved our two years at Nottingham North. It was perfect for what we needed at the time; while we were finishing our degrees and saving for our house. What I loved the most was how simple everything was . . . from move-in to move-out."

Micelle & Anthony, Nottingham North Apartments

"Waterford Place has been the best apartment community I have signed with in the 11 years I've lived in Chattanooga TN. I will happily refer others to Waterford Place. Thanks to the property manager and HREA, LLC for caring about your level of customer service among your current and past residents. Just when I was thinking no one cares about "customer service" anymore!! Continue to make yours stand out above the rest!!"

Mary, Waterford Place Apartments

"Although I was only there for a year, it was a very enjoyable time. The view from the apartment was very nice and scenic. I do plan to come back in the future for a place of my own."

Jade, Waterford Place Apartments

"The best apartment community we've ever lived in . . . mostly thanks to the staff. Becky and her staff are fantastic, always friendly and very helpful. The maintenance guys are prompt, courteous and get the job done. We really appreciate all they do to make our home more enjoyable!"

Rachel, Waterford Place Apartments

"My experience at Continental was excellent. Pam made my stay there an experience I will never forget. She is an asset to your company."

Edith M, Continental Apartments