Hurd Real Estate Associates, LLC

Hurd Real Estate Associates, LLC is a family owned business organized in 1997.  The company is the owner/manager of 13 communities in 8 markets across Tennessee.

Our apartment homes are suburban garden and townhouse residences.  Although each community has its own personality, the staffs all reflect our service oriented style.

Our customers appreciate both the service that they receive from our quality staffs as well as the value that they enjoy in their home.  This satisfaction is exhibited by the low resident move out rate at our properties.  In an industry where the large management companies average close to a 70% annual move out rate, our communities average just 41%.  We invite you to come in to one of our offices and meet the staff and see why our residents are satisfied!

We take pride in maintaining this strong relationship with our customers.

Our Mission

Making a better life for our Team Members, Residents and Investors by maintaining and improving the asset, providing clear and frequent communication and feedback, exhibiting fairness in decision making, and continuing quality growth.